Parents night out April 25

Tournament Schedule

  • April 26 Belt Test at 10 a.m.
  • April 26 Pot luck at noon 
  • April 26 Kick-a-thon
  • May 10 Europa Tournament in Dallas  
  • May 24 Huntsville TKD

Whether you want to take martial arts to become health & Fit, Self-Defense, or Character Development or compete professionally this is the school for you Located in Richardson, TX.  Martial Arts athletes are fast, powerful and flexible. They have incredible motor skills and hand/eye coordination, and are healthy.  While students are having fun working out, they are learning self-defense and how to protect them selves.  Each week, they learn new self-defense skills and this really increase their confidence. At ASL JunSur Martial Arts Dojan ( School) in Dallas every week, we develop the students’ character to help them learn how to make the right choices in life. They learn many traits life respect, self-discipline and leadership. We equipment them with the skill to be champion at home, school and work, and with friends. At ASL JunSur Martial Arts Dojan (School) in Richardson, no one sits on a bench; everyone works out together.  Children are even more influenced by their peers. In classes, positive people who are working out, training, accomplishing goals and expressing positive behavior surround your child.

Have your Birthday Party at ASL JunSur!
Find out more about how to celebrate your birthday like a warrior!

Movie Night at ASL JunSur
Parents take a night out and leave your kids with us. On select Friday nights from 7 p.m.- 10 p.m. ASL JunSur members and their friends (non-member) ages 4 and up can spend an evening with Master ASL. A night at the Dojan includes martial arts, pizza, supervised play time, games, movies and more. Please contact the Dojan in advance to make a reservation as space is limited.

Movie Night Pricing

  • Members: $20.00 per child
  • Non-members: $25.00 per child